Mine Till Midnight

Cover of book Mine Till Midnight
Series: Hathaways (#1)
Categories: Fiction » Love & Romance

So glad Cam Rohan, from Devil in Winter, got his story. Loved the introduction of the Hathaways & looking forward to reading about all of them. Cam & Amelia have an immediate connection that they both


try to fight. Amelia is trying to hold together her family, her older brother who is grieving for his dead fiancee, a sister who is sickly, and 2 younger sisters. They have just sold their London home & moved to an inherited country home that is run down. Cam has been working as a manager for St. Vincent's club, but has been feeling the need to return to his gypsy roots. She is resigned to being a spinster to concentrate on her family. He wants to help her emotionally & financially, while she wants to be independent. They both fill a need in each other & it was so sweet to see them finally realize it.

Mine Till Midnight
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Guest 5 months ago

I love this book you rock

Guest 5 months ago

You rock

Guest 5 months ago

I love your books! :)

Guest 5 months ago

I love youre books they rock

Guest 10 months ago

The look good
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